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Hot keywords:Floor heatingThe radiatorJacques fe in ItalyGermany has a kind of insectRhett, GermanyGermany BoschPower in GermanySouth Korea's daewooGround source heat pumpThe control systemTian net water purification in the United StatesWater cycle system
Product list
  Floor heating
  The radiator
  Jacques fe in Italy
  Germany has a kind of insect
  Rhett, Germany
  Germany Bosch
  Power in Germany
  South Korea's daewoo
  Ground source heat pump
  The control system
  Tian net water purification in the United States
  Water cycle system
Service centerMore and more
Radiator heating presents three pandemics…
With the radiator systemQ&A
Hanging furnace energy saving using little common sense
Why condensing furnace energy saving?
Briefly describes the ordinary wall-mounted gas furnace and condensation…
Toilet can be laid floor heating?
The principle and structure of floor heating system
Company profileMore and more
  Beijing jiahe era heating companyHereinafter referred to as beautiful and warm,Was established in Beijing in 1999,More than a decade by the good faith for this company,The customer is supreme service business philosophy,In the industry has accumulated a set of perfect design、The installation、After-sale technical force。And strategic cooperation with the world's top brands,In Beijing、Tianjin、Ji、Sue、Tin、Often surrounding areas have a lot of successful cases,Tan tan heating floor heating and engineering is the professional services firm。We have the most professional service team,According to customer different living habits and family at the same time, according to the climate in the south、Carry on the omni-directional analysis of temperature and different building types and design the most suitable heating schemes,Whether early communication。Details or the construction and maintenance of late,We all strive to keep close cooperation with every customer,Customer satisfaction is our greatest pursuit,Ensure the safety of the buried engineering、The completion of high efficiency。Company for a long time continuous innovation and perfect the concept of heating of the science and technology to provide customers with floor heating system、The radiator system,Ground source heat pump system、Water purification system、The design and installation of hot water circulation system。
  Company tenet:Ensure to provide customers with comfortable,Health,Security,Energy saving,The living space of environmental protection,The heating in the industry to create a first-class professional heating company。
News centerMore and more
Jacques new thermostatAFXZ1-R331Out of the box2018-03-29
PP-RPlastic aluminum steady-state tube and what is the difference between general aluminium tube?2018-03-29
German power their two big brand award2018-03-29
System, low energy consumption is the real core competitiveness2018-03-29
The choice of the heat sink installation location2018-03-29
How to make the house look charming?2018-03-29
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