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Ultrasonic cutting equipment
Food cutting、Woven fabric cutting、Rubber cutting、Multi-function cutting
Ultrasonic welding equipment
Plastic welding、Ultrasonic welding、Mini welding、Waterproof plate welding
Ultrasonic liquid handling
Ultrasonic dispersion、Ultrasonic emulsification、Ultrasonic extraction、Ultrasonic homogeneous
Ultrasonic metal processing
Ultrasonic aluminum melt processing、Ultrasonic metal atomization treatment
A new ultrasonic applications
Ultrasonic core drilling、Ultrasonic impact gun、Ultrasonic kidney stones、Wire stripping machine
Ultrasonic cutting equipment
Ultrasonic woven bag(Snakeskin bag)Cutting equipment
Ultrasonic rubber cutting equipment
Multi-functional ultrasonic cutting equipment
Ultrasonic plastic welding machine
Handheld waterproof board welding machine
Ultrasonic wave hand welding (Spot welding) Machine
Ultrasonic mini welding equipment

  Ultrasonic equipment co., LTD is located in known as hangzhou class“Hills and water,The world alone”The laudatory name of hangzhou fuyang fuchun river bank,Here beautiful scenery、The transportation is convenient 。The company is a professional engaged in ultrasonic equipment production、Research and development、Sales and with independent brand“Class”The high-tech enterprises。

  The company is committed to domestic and foreign customers provide the most valuable of all kinds of cutting and ultrasonic application solutions。The same

At the right time,With the high quality products for customer market competitiveness;Strong product research and development capabilities to create a well-made、

The superior performance of production equipment,Realize the value of customers;Perfect quality management system and after-sales service system,To win

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The city high and new technology enterprise
A number of technology patents
The high-growth of zhejiang province science and technology enterprises
Hangzhou high-tech enterprises
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The patent for utility model
Product center
Ultrasonic cutting equipment
Food cutting
Woven fabric cutting
Rubber cutting
Multi-function cutting
Ultrasonic welding equipment
Plastic welding
Ultrasonic welding
Mini welding
Waterproof plate welding
Ultrasonic liquid handling
Ultrasonic dispersion
Ultrasonic emulsification
Ultrasonic extraction
Ultrasonic homogeneous
Metal processing
Ultrasonic aluminum melt processing
Ultrasonic metal atomization treatment
A new ultrasonic applications
Ultrasonic core drilling
Ultrasonic impact gun
Ultrasonic kidney stones
Wire stripping machine
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