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  Shandong da xing·Drain grass industry brand     Sincerely thank you for coming,Da xing geotechnical specializing in the productionHDPEPlastic drainage plate(Storage and drainage board),Fire escape grass,Non-woven fabric,Plastic mesh and other products,Can according to the material,Color,Gram weight,Cost-effective products price such as custom belongs to you!
  I plant the existing drainage board production line10The article,Daily output4Wan?,Planting grass injection molding equipment6The article,Daily output1500?,Hierarchical quality testing to ensure product quality,Production speed is fast,Don't delay the construction period,Drain with a certification label every bundle,Can be on time sent to the hands of customers,Can be customized according to the material color,Professional drain grass production factory,To ensure the same quality and lower price,The same price the quality is better,Da xing hou manager sincerely look forward to cooperation with you!
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